How does a session work?

For therapy to be effective, it is important that a healthy therapeutic alliance exists. This will allow for clear and honest communication between yourself and the therapist. For this reason we offer the possibility of a first brief encounter during which yourself and the therapist have an opportunity to meet, share details of your particular case and ask any necessary questions. After this first exchange, both the therapist and yourself have the opportunity to decide weather you find the idea of proceeding with therapy appropriate.

In the case of going ahead with therapy, the first encounter extends an extra 60 minutes and it is categorised as a normal session. Terms and conditions are discussed at this stage, followed by the taking of a case history. The specific goal or goals for therapy as well as therapeutic protocol are then negotiated. The therapist proceeds then to devise a personalised course of therapy around the information shared. Sessions take place approximately once weekly, depending on each particular case and its needs. It is estimated that most cases will find a resolution within a space from four to ten sessions.

As part of the therapeutic process you will learn a variety of mental exercises, which you will rehearse during the sessions and will repeat, whenever appropriate, individually during the time between sessions. Your progress will be assessed at the beginning of each session. Therapy will advance or change depending on the results and on your immediate needs.

With practice and discipline you will acquire a variety of tools, both in the form of mental and practical exercises, which will provide you with strategies devised particularly towards the achievement of your specific goal. Your individual and methodical practice of those exercises is what will consolidate the desired change and its maintenance, whilst at the same time encouraging you to experience self control over the changes.


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