Alcohol is a legal substance available to everyone in our society. Consumed in measured quantities, it is relatively harmless. It may cause muscle relaxation due to its effect on our central nervous system. We may even talk about alcohol as a positive part of the Mediterranean diet, in the form of wine (please click here for reference). Yet even in small amounts, alcohol may affect our power of attention and the ability to judge. When being consumed in large quantities, other aspects of the body which may be affected are coordination, speech, memory and sensory perception of the body (eg inhibiting pain perception and the temperature). Excessive consumption of alcohol may cause a state of unconsciousness, and may even be fatal. Continued excessive consumption may cause prolonged, long-term cardiovascular problems, cirrhosis, gastritis, hypertension, impotence, loss of libido and it may reduce fertility, among other conditions.

The UK Department of Health (Department of Health) estimates the healthy amount of weekly alcohol intake is: Men: 21 units; Women 14 units.

The consumption of alcohol for every adult needs to be established by ourselves. Apart from physiological problems, like any other addiction or dependency, excessive alcohol consumption may have in undesirable effects in our profession, relationships or activities. If this is the case, we have the opportunity to reflect and decide what changes we want to make in our lives. Whereas this may be reducing our consumption of alcohol or eradicating it completely, hypnotherapy may help. Through relaxation techniques and self-control we learn to overcome periods during which withdrawal symptoms may take an excessive protagonist role in our experience. We have the opportunity to go shaping our future slowly, through mental rehearsal. Rehearsing7preparing ourselves to become the person we want to be. Our determination to achieve what we set out to do is crucial. In this way we can explain and convince our subconscious through hypnosis to help us carry out the desired change.