How thoughts become illnesses

The following article explains the chemical processes behind our thoughts, and why is it important to learn how to control negative thoughts. Hypnotherapy can contribute to this learning. Through various techniques, we can learn to configure our imaginative capabilities so that they are productive, positive, realistic, healthy and help us to satisfy our needs. Learn to talk to ourselves, learn to accept ourselves as fallible human beings and enjoy all that is within our reach-including changes in our way of thinking, feeling and behaving if we so wish. Learn how to use our critical thinking and to enjoy our experiences in the way we wish.

Thoughts-taken from the original link.

Thoughts-taken from the original link at“evolución” in “conexión con el ser”.  please click here for original link.

If we do not take care of our thoughts and mental processes, the biochemistry of our body will simply follow a pattern which is mistaken and will flood us with toxins that do not play in our favor but which will weaken us, first emotionally and then organically.

If we do not take care of our thoughts and mental processes, the biochemistry of our body will simply follow a pattern which is mistaken and will flood us with toxins that do not play in our favor but which will weaken us, first emotionally and then organically.

We often read in books on self-help or self-knowledge that negative or destructive thoughts can affect our health and can provoke illness. That taking care of our thoughts can have a direct impact on our health, at the least.

Such statements, summarized in this way (because todays publishing industry seems to reward literature of this type, summarized rather than detailed and technical) are a reality. The problem is that they do not explain the process by which peoples thoughts directly become part of their health, creating illness and pathologies or creating quite the contrary, improvements and cures.

In today’s entry we will explain what many of these documentaries and books do not: how the biochemical process by which our thoughts directly affect our health both for good and bad works and how it operates. Because we believe that everything that is explained is easily understandable, while that which is not explained depends on belief.  It is believed or not … but never understood. We will see how a simple thought (every thought we have) affects our bodies physically and materially. The process is so enriching and interesting that it is worth knowing in depth, in this way we will be getting to know ourselves. We will be learning how to operate our perfect machine: the mind, and its extension, the body.


Thought is the activity of our brain. Thoughts, emotions, how we feel, our personality, the way in which we respond to our lives … this is what we know as our “mind” or mental activity. However now we are interested in analyzing the thought as a flow of electrical activity that takes place in our brain, namely communicative activity between neurons.

These electrical interneuronal connections lead to what we know of as thoughts (whether images, sounds, memories, inspirations, ideas, etc …).

Once the brain has created and preserved a series of thoughts of a certain type (happy, destructive critical, humorous, inspiring …) our hypothalamus (the great chemical laboratory of our body) goes into action. In which form? It is as simple to describe as it is complex in its operation: the hypothalamus starts to create hormones (peptides) which are linked directly to the thoughts that our brain is having. That is, our hypothalamus will create chemical combinations of the same typology as that of the thoughts our brain is producing.

It is in this way that emotions appear. Our hypothalamus, in segregating and flooding our bloodstream with these hormones which are linked to our thoughts, makes the body produce sensations. So we feel good or bad, happy or downcast, calm or nervous in response to our thoughts. It is simply that our biochemical center (the hypothalamus) is creating chemical products, as if it were the most perfect laboratory imaginable, which turn the thoughts that our brain is having into sensations.

Our hypothalamus can create peptides that make us act quickly in stressful situations, or can secrete pleasurable hormones to help us sleep or reward ourselves. In short, it can create a natural chemical for each mental process taking place in that moment.


The problem is that, owing to an ignorance of these processes, people are not aware of the importance of “thinking correctly”. This is not to defend a particular type of religious or moral thought, or anything like that. When we say”right thinking” we mean, nothing more than that which is appropriate and beneficial to each of us. Neither more nor less.

As most people know nothing of the biochemical machinery that launches every time our brain produces thoughts of one kind or another, they simply cannot control how they feel or, more importantly, cannot control the fact that many of these chemicals linked to destructive thoughts are literally poisoning their body daily and this is when illnesses arise.

However let us proceed step by step as we have said that we will explain the process completely and clearly:

If, for example, we allow the tension of each day to keep us in a state of stress, or alert and distrustful (activities that our brains will carry out through the thoughts that it creates and of which we are not in control), our hypothalamus will respond by secreting chemicals that will place our body in a state of “fight / flight” which is the internal response to danger and, therefore, in a situation of life or death.

This activity of the hypothalamus that is so important and decisive in moments of real danger, becomes self-destructive when experienced on a continuous and regular basis. Stress, anxiety, haste, urgency, concern … cause your brain to create nonexistent situations and as a chemical response to this, our hypothalamus secretes hormones related to an attack or a situation of imminent danger in our lives … and it will do so during hours of the day and days of the year. This simply destroys the body by biochemical poisoning, given that no organism can survive in a permanent state of shock or danger or continual stress or fear.

This is what leads to heart attacks, angina pectoris, gastrointestinal ulcers, hypertension, diabetes, and a long list of pathologies that can prove fatal. They all begin in our uncontrolled thoughts that have given the wrong order to our hypothalamus that produces substances, secreted continuously in our bloodstream which poison the body.


Another cluster of pathologies and diseases that our body needlessly suffers and that are directly related to our way of thinking are bacteriological and viral infections.

The process is similar to the previous one, but not identical: as we have previously explained, under situations of constant anxiety, stress, fear or worry, our hormonal activity launches processes of response / defense. In other words muscles are tensed, the body prepares for a potential escape, blood circulation is redirected, non vital internal processes are paralyzed to cater for an alleged threat that does not exist … but that we’re imagining. What does all this achieve? Well, no more or less than that our immune system is worn out, collapses and cannot reject attacks which, in normal situations, it is fighting and rejecting on a daily basis (when it is working well, of course).

All of this starts with mental activity.

We have to remember, now that we know how the biochemistry of our brain works, that our thoughts are the instructions our brains will give to our hypothalamus so that it can create the hormones that correspond to that mental state. If we do not take care of our thoughts and mental processes the biochemistry of our body will simply follow an incorrect pattern and will flood our bodies with toxins that do not work in our favor and instead will weaken us, first emotionally and then organically.

If we live with sustained stress, hurry, worry or anxiety our organs no longer function normally and adopt a “warning” mode. With this, blood circulation fails, tension rises, nervous activity shoots up and diseases in organs such as the heart, kidneys, pancreas appear along with a long list of variables.

Similarly, those incorrect instructions that we have not been able to stop and reverse in our thoughts affect our emotional system: exhaustion, grief, anger, frustration, depression, bipolar disorder … and a long list of variables of a nervous and emotional nature. As, if not more, dangerous than the organic ones.


Now that we know how this process originated (thought-hypothalamus-hormones-poisoning of the body-destruction of the immune system) we can also reverse it. Thoughts of confidence, love, security, tranquility, calm, peace or joy … initiate a sequence totally different to that which leads to disease. In these cases, our hypothalamus produces endorphin hormones, which provoke pleasure, anesthesia, calm, tranquility etc … that help our body to function normally and not as though it were under threat.

Our immune system can do its job efficiently, blood flow follows an optimum model and rhythm, our bodies operate under perfect conditions.

All this begins with the initial trigger: thoughts: the key to the biochemistry of the human body.

Now, you know what’s behind every emotion and why you feel how you feel in each moment.

You also know how and by which steps, a thought becomes a toxin affecting your body, causing illness or, on the contrary, healing it.

So, as always when you learn something new and important, you are now the owner of this knowledge and can use it to make the changes you feel necessary, because it is your quality of life and health that are at stake.

Published on 2-5-2014 by “evolución” in “conexión con el ser”. For original link- in Castellano-  please click here.


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