Honest liars — the psychology of self-deception: Cortney Warren at TEDxUNLV

YouTube, published May 2 2014. To watch from source please click here.

Refusing to believe what is true and insisting to believe what it is not.

Our thoughts deceive us through cognitive distortions.

Polirised thinking/thinking in extremes.

Emotional reasoning: thinking that our feelings reflect reality.

Over generalising.

Death/Ultimate alonness/meaningless/freedom.

Internalisation of cultural norms: believing what we were conditioned to believe is true.

Self deception leeds to pain and regret.

How to become more honest with ourselves?

1.- self awareness.

If we admit it, we can change it. Or not. But then it is our own decision. With the help of hypnotherapy we can confront and enjoy this challenge.


About Anna Pons

Certificat (CPPD), Post Graduat Certificat (PGCert) i Post Graduat Diploma (PGD) en Hipnoteràpia Clínica, London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH) i Universitat de West London (UWL)
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