7 Steps to develop awareness of your feelings and thoughts

Image found at PsychCentral.

Image found at PsychCentral.

“Your thoughts are an inner dialogue. You have an average of about six thousand thoughts a day, most of which you habitually repeat to yourself. In many cases, you learned to think these thoughts from experiences with your primary caregivers in childhood, and have been repeating them from that time.

Considering that cognitive abilities do not fully develop until the mid-20s, you can imagine how many of these thoughts no longer serve you.

Why develop your awareness of this inner dialogue? Your ability to choose how you think about your self and lie around you allows you to regulate, or choose, your response to any triggering events.

Very simply, you want to become aware of what you tell yourself inside so that you—rather than your emotions—direct your choices. Your happiness depends on it. This is critical because your thoughts activate emotion-driven processes within you. That’s right, even painful ones. Your thoughts, and the underlying beliefs that drive them, automatically trigger emotions.

While events and some people’s actions may trigger unpleasant feelings and reactions, they do not cause them. The real activating agents are what you tell yourself. And most of what you tell yourself operates subconsciously. It stems from the beliefs you hold at any given time, most of which operate subconsciously.

When you, rather than your emotions, are in charge of what you think, you are in charge of your behaviors, and thus, have more say as to how events in your life unfold. Developing self-awareness is the first step to transforming your thoughts…”

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