Eating Nuts May Help Pause Path to Type 2 Diabetes

Image: 'Robby Ryke does it with a flash!' Found on

Image: ‘Robby Ryke does it with a flash!’ Found on

“SOFIA, Bulgaria — Eating nuts could help protect against the development of type 2 diabetes in individuals who are already at high risk for the disease, 2 new studies suggest…Researchers from Spain and the United States reported on the potential benefits of pistachio nuts and almonds, so-called “tree nuts,” here at the 2014 European Congress on Obesity…Mònica Bulló, MD, of the human nutrition unit at Virgili University, Reus, Spain, and senior author on the pistachio study, told Medscape Medical News: “I would advise people to eat a handful of nuts whenever they can…”

2014 European Congress on Obesity. Abstract T5:OS2.3, presented May 31, 2014. Medscape Medical News > Conference NewsMay 30, 2014. For full article please click here.

Image: 'Prayer-4-nuts' Found on

Image: ‘Prayer-4-nuts’ Found on

If you find yourself in the need to change or modify your diet in any way, you may find it difficult; this is not surprising. Humans are animals of habit and this makes any change in our patterns of behaviour seem much more complicated than it could be. Also we may have particular beliefs attached to those habits which we have learnt from past experiences and reinforced throughout life. A change in either patterns of thought or behaviour may cause us uncomfortable feelings and sensations. With the contribution of hypnotherapy we may be able to modify those patterns of behaviour or unhelpful beliefs which are not accommodating to our current needs. Hypnotherapy proposes a series of mental exercises, a sort of “gym for the brain”, through which we can rehearse new, desired behaviours and ways of thinking. We can even rehearse in our imagination the desired feelings and emotions we wish for. Hypnotherapy can be a great help when taking on any change in our thoughts, emotions or behaviour, contributing in this way to help us live our lives to the potential each one of us chooses to.


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