What is CBT for psychosis anyway?

Image: 'cognitive-symptoms-of-schizophrenia-03' Found on flickrcc.net

Image: ‘cognitive-symptoms-of-schizophrenia-03’ Found on flickrcc.net



“…CBT for psychosis aims primarily to reduce the distress and functional deficits associated with psychosis, rather than to necessarily get rid of the unusual experiences themselves. It doesn’t always aim to stop someone hearing voices, for example, but it might make them appraise the meaning of those voices in a different, less threatening way. It might also involve CBT for other difficulties, eg low mood or worry, rather than just for the psychotic symptoms themselves…”

By Suzi gaze, Hosted by The Guardia- Science- Psychology. To read full article please click here.

Interesting article which describes how CBT works, focusing primarily on treating psychosis, at the same time offering a clear and concise explanation of how CBT works and can be applied to many conditions. With the use of hypnotherapy, CBT can be rehearsed from a hypnotic state, an altered state of consciousness which will allow those challenged and re structured principles and ideas to sink faster and easily in our subconscious mind.



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