More Stress Equals More Headaches

Image: '(169/365) Urrghh....' Found on

Image: ‘(169/365) Urrghh….’ Found on

Megan Brooks, February 21, 2014 at Medscape News

“Results of a new study may come as no surprise to headache sufferers: More stress means more headaches…”Research suggests that mind/body treatments, including meditation, yoga or tai chi, and behavioral treatments such as stress management, coping skills, biofeedback and relaxation training may decrease headache frequency by 35% to 50%,” Dr. Schramm noted…”To read complete article please click here.

The practice of hypnosis encourages a state of relaxation and concentration in which a homeostatic balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems can be achieved . This means a balance between action and rest , at both conscious and subconscious levels , positively affecting the activity of internal organs such as the heart and intestines . Regular self hypnosis practice promotes such balance and causes the subconscious to experience an optimal situation for the body’s well being , so that , when necessary , our body can access this state easily, fast and with practice get there in a subconscious manner, without consciously thinking about it .

Hypnotherapy also offers techniques which can target separately many symptoms and conditions caused by stress , such as insomnia , lack of self-esteem, anger control , control of food, depression, helping improve our control over ourselves and our social relationships or sexuality , among others aspects of our experience of life.



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