Do you suffer from severe anxiety?

Drawing by Elizabeth Wagele

Drawing by Elizabeth Wagele

Published on February 18, 2014 by Elizabeth Wagele in The Career Within You

“Scott Stossel, author of My Age of Anxiety, has a severe case of anxiety. His phobias include fear of flying, fainting, heights, closed spaces, germs, vomiting, and cheese. “Faced with the prospect of a plane trip or a speaking engagement or sometimes even a squash match or a meeting at the office, Stossel experiences full-blown panicinsomnia, sweating, vertigo, stomach pains, and loss of control of his bowels. The sight of an unfamiliar pimple can send him down a bottomless chute of dread. He nearly passed out at his own wedding.” This is from the New Yorker article, The Prisoner of Stress—What does anxiety mean? by Louis Menand, 1-27-14…


I also felt anxious in college before presenting papers. Later, I sought anything that might help me endure giving book talks, including hypnotism. That and finding out from experience that no harm came from them worked. The night I told the audience I was feeling afraid was a turning point. I was no longer keeping my fear a secret from the audience. Keeping secrets creates stress. And the audience seemed to support me. Now I give talks with little apprehension…”

From Psychology Today. To read complete article please click here.


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