How Psychotherapy Changes the Brain

Image: 'BRAINADE! the Brain Grenade by Emilio Garcia'Found on

Image: ‘BRAINADE! the Brain Grenade by Emilio Garcia’Found on

“Psychotherapy outcomes and the mechanisms of change that are related to its effects have traditionally been investigated on the psychological and social levels, by measuring changes in symptoms, psychological abilities, personality, or social functioning. Many psychiatrists have also held the unfortunate dichotomized position that psychotherapy is a treatment for “psychologically based” disorders, while medication is for “biologically based” disorders. During 1 the past several decades, it has become clear that all mental processes derivefrom mechanisms of the brain. This means that any change in our psychological 2 processes is reflected by changes in the functions or structures of the brain. Straightforward reductionistic stances, however, are unfounded because there is clear evidence that our subjective experiences affect the brain.1… In addition to just reporting the findings on brain changes as a result of psychotherapy, some of these studies have made it possible to construct models that explain the mechanisms behind the changes that result from the different psychotherapies. These models can then be compared with the psychological theories of these psychotherapies…”

Psychiatric Times. Vol. 28 No. 8 August 11, 2011 Read whole article and references by clicking here

By Hasse Karlsson, MA, MD, PhD | August 11, 2011
Dr Karlsson is Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Helsinki and Professor of Integrative
Neuroscience and Psychosomatics at the University of Turku in Finland. He reports that he has received
honoraria from Lundbeck and Janssen-Cilag; he is a board member of Psychiatric Research and
Treatment Station EOS.


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