Can I increase my brain power?

Oliver Burkeman: 'Unless the task keeps getting harder, so you never quite get the hang of it, there’s no way you’ll get more intelligent.' Photograph: Christopher Lane for the Guardian

Oliver Burkeman: ‘Unless the task keeps getting harder, so you never quite get the hang of it, there’s no way you’ll get more intelligent.’ Photograph: Christopher Lane for the Guardian

“Until only six years ago, when it came to the possibility of increasing fluid intelligence, the verdict was almost uniformly pessimistic. But then, in 2008, a pair of workaholic psychologists from Switzerland, Susanne Jaeggi and her boyfriend Martin Buschkuehl, published a study that sent eyebrows shooting upwards, and that’s still being fiercely debated today…The idea of electrically stimulating human bodies goes back at least to the 19th century, when it was used to cure “melancholy”; much later, electroconvulsive therapy would be used to induce seizures in psychiatric patients. Since then, studies have demonstrated that a gentler approach, transcranial magnetic stimulation, can alleviate serious depression and perhaps even trigger bursts of “savant” intellectual prowess, reminiscent of the kind depicted in Rain Man…doing sufficient physical exercise, getting enough sleep, and preparing and eating healthy food. “Live a good clean life, get proper sleep and you’ll be at the peak of whatever your potential performance is,” James Thompson suggests. “And we use our intelligence to do specific tasks, so don’t waste your time remembering numbers backwards – read a good statistics book. Learn about modern genetics. Read a history of intellectual discovery…”

Extracts from The Guardian, Saturday 4 January 2014. To read whole article please click here.

Interesting article on the latest technological advances in the field of neuroscience regarding the issue of intelligence: pros and cons of artificial brain manipulation. This article provokes us to use our critical thinking in order to individually redefine our concept of intelligence. What does intelligence mean to each one of us? Exploring issues such as this one with the help of hypnosis may improve our ability to clarify our thoughts and identify those beliefs which shape the person we are at a given time. At that point we may be able to analyse those beliefs and decide if we want them to continue shaping our personality. This is an example of how learning to use our imagination to our advantage with the help of hypnotherapy may bring us closer to living our lives to the potential each one of us choses to.


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