Sleep’s Role in Obesity, Schizophrenia, Diabetes…Everything

Image Source: Albert Londe/Wikimedia Commons

Image Source: Albert Londe/Wikimedia Commons

Scientific American Blog, by Gary Stix | December 20, 2013 |  

“Is sleep good for everything? Scientists hate giving unqualified answers. But the more sleep researchers look, the more the answer seems to be tending toward a resounding affirmative…The slumbering brain plays an essential role in learning and memory, one of the findings that sleep researchers have reinforced repeatedly in recent years. But that’s not all. There’s a growing recognition that sleep appears to be involved in regulating basic metabolic processes and even in mental health. Robert Stickgold, a leading sleep researcher based at Harvard Medical School, gives a précis here of the current state of sommeil as it relates to memory, schizophrenia, depression, diabetes—and he even explains what naps are good for?…” Read whole article by clicking here.

The difficulty or inability to sleep affects at some point the lives of one-third of the adult population. There are several types of insomnia, short or long term, caused by specific situations or activities, events or specific ingested substances such as alcohol, coffee and drugs.
In the event that insomnia is caused by prescription drugs, it is recommended that patients visit their doctor and address the issue before attempting hypnotherapeutic treatment.
Hypnotherapy can be employed to address changes in habits and behaviors that may be contributing to insomnia, such as exercise right before bedtime, long naps or/and indulgent or excessive amount of substances such as coffee, alcohol or tobacco. Hypnosis may also help clarify, palliate or even solve cases of trauma, anxiety or depression, of which insomnia may be a consequence of .




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