Stinking Thinking and Expectation Bias

“Whatever your mind believes influences you positively or negatively.”
Published on November 16, 2013 by Dr. Bernard Luskin in The Media Psychology Effect
“The words “stinking thinking” may sound a bit pejorative or even a little funny, but there isn’t anything funny about proven tactics designed to negatively influence your thoughts and actions by using words and phrases to bias your expectations and influence your behavior. In an interview with Dr. Bob Wright, CEO of Wright Graduate University and leader in programs teaching Transformational Leadership, Dr. Wright defined Stinking Thinking for me as “involving tactics that can be intentionally used to establish expectation bias in order to control or manipulate situations and affect decision-making.” He said that, “The behaviors displayed in ST range from overt forms of bullying to more subtle efforts to cloud clear and objective thinking.” He elaborated that, “Manipulators, power seekers or those who are insecure may consciously apply Stinking Thinking techniques and explained that ST represents an important theory to explore when studying the psychology of media effects in the conduct of business and life.” Stinking thinking strategies are fundamental to behavior manipulation…”

Other elements discussed in this post:

Operational Definition of Stinking Thinking

There are not 50 Shades of Grey: ST is black and white

Threats designed to intimidate or control

Is the glass half empty or half full?

 Shoulda, woulda, coulda…

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Hypnotherapy offers techniques that can help us enter into a state of altered consciousness from which our subconscious mind is more accessible. The subconscious mind is believed to not possess critical thinking. Whatever we believe to be good for us or true, we may be able to integrate it into our subconscious mind in a faster and easier way. Hypnotherapy can encourage the rehearsal of positive, constructive thoughts and beliefs which contradict those established by ST. In this way we may become more confident, accept our fallibility as human beings and learn to not be emotionally affected by any expressions of ST we may find in the media or in any other situations in our lives. 





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