Five-Step Plan Helps Patients Cope With Pain

Medscape Medical News > Conference News. Nancy A. Melville. Sep 13, 2013

LAS VEGAS — A critical component in the treatment of chronic pain is teaching patients strategies for coping with the pain, and an approach focusing on 5 essential coping skills offers beneficial, cost-effective results, attendees heard here at PAINWeek 2013...The teaching of coping skills is in line with the suggestion of medicine as a “3-legged stool” that was established by Massachusetts General Hospital cardiologist Herbert Benson, MD, said Ted Jones, PhD, a clinical psychologist from the Behavioral Medicine Institute, Knoxville, Tennessee, during a Pain Educators Forum here.”The idea of the 3-legged stool is that 1 leg of the stool is interventions — pharmaceutical treatments, et cetera; the other leg is surgeries and procedures; and the third leg is the mind/body connection, which is largely controlled by the patient him- or herself, and without that third leg, the stool can’t stand on its own — it falls over,” Dr. Jones said.

5 step plan: Understanding, Accepting, Calming, Balancing, Coping. Read the whole article by clicking here, to find out in detail what these 5 points represent.

Pain specialist Gary Reisfield, MD, an assistant professor and chief of Pain Management Services in the University of Florida College of Medicine‘s Divisions of Addiction Medicine and Forensic Psychiatry and Department of Psychiatry, in Gainesville:”Our pain psychologists address ‘automatic thoughts’ and their connection to pain, medication-taking, and function in foundational life spheres; cognitive restructuring; stress and anger management; sleep hygiene; and self-help techniques, such as mindfulness meditation, guided imagery, and progressive relaxation.

With the help of hypnotherapy we can learn to practice methodically the above highlighted techniques. The hypnotic state offers the possibility of enhancing their experience, making their assimilation and integration to our subconscious mind more plausible and effective.


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