Psychological Androgyny

“…Research studies have shown associations between androgyny and a wide range of positive outcomes such as self-esteem, satisfaction with life, marital satisfaction, subjective feelings of well-being, ego identity, parental effectiveness, perceived competence, achievement motivation, cognitive complexity when evaluating careers, cognitive flexibility, and behavioral flexibility. Kelly and Worrell (1976) found that androgynous individuals were raised by parents who stressed cognitive independence, curiosity, and competence…What about creativityFreud speculated when writing about Leonardo da Vinci that creative people possess greater cross-sex identification than others. McKinnon (1962) found that creative men and women have attitudes and interests considered typical for the opposite sex.

Fascinating reflections upon research involving androgyny and well being, as well as creativity. Read the whole article to find out what traits have been associated with one gender or another through our recent history and the suggested advantadges of embracing and/or accepting androgyny as an opportunity to expand our psychological boundaries. With the use of hypnotherapy we can calmly reflect upon these ideas and rehearse those new thoughts, emotions and behaviours which may contribute to enriching our psychological mapping, with the possibility of improving one or many of the aspects highlighted above. Whole article by clicking here.


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