A rough guide to mind-reading

Graphic illustrating mind-reading game
A ‘Sender’ has to use the movements of his token (a blue circle) to communicate with an ‘Interpreter’. The Interpreter, located in a separate room, can see these movements on her own screen. For each game, the Sender must try to tell the Interpreter where she should place her token (an orange triangle). He also has to indicate how the triangle should be oriented on the target square. Illustration: PNAS
Fascinating article about an activity that we all perform daily without hardly knowing we are doing it: mind reading each other.
A recent study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences looked at mind-reading in both directions, by recording the brain activity of both a sender and interpreter of non-verbal signals But the depth to which we do so, depends on how much time and effort we expend in building common ground with another person.”…
NOTES AND THEORIES- Dispatches from the science desk. “We transmit nonverbal messages and read minds all the time, but what exactly is going on in our heads as we do so?” The Guardian, Wednesday 11 September 2013,

Laurence O’Dwyer 07.01 BST


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