Derren Brown on Hypnosis

“I began my career as a hypnotist after developing an interest in the craft as a student, and, as I had little interest in earning a living as a therapist or making grown men dance like ballerinas, have since looked for more creative ways to incorporate hypnosis (overt or covert) and forms of suggestion, in my work.

I neither believe that hypnosis is anything magical, not that it can be entirely dismissed as role-playing or fakery. It seems to me that it is best understood as a process by which the subject allows herself to become highly responsive to the hypnotist, in a way similar to the responsiveness that we tend to exhibit when we go to a doctor or interact with most authority figures. We quickly adopt ideas given to us by these people at
a level which is not necessarily conscious: hence a doctor’s words and
attitude can lead to our recovery due at least in part to the placebo
rather than the active ingredients in the prescribed drug itself,

and we might find our tastes or thoughts regarding a subject affected
by the opinions of an authority figure we respect in that area…”

 Read the whole piece at Derren Brown’s “The Core” by clicking here.

Derren Brown is an excellent entertainer who utilizes the hypnotic state as a main element in most of his  espectacular numbers. As clinical hypnotists, members of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis have our professional code of conduct which clarifies

This is the logo of the British Society of Cli...
This is the logo of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

that we are not going to use hypnosis in the same way Mr. Brown sometimes utilises it. However, this stage hypnotist presents his work with such clarity and an honesty that his background, references and recommended interests become fascinating to investigate. His explanations on hypnosis and his use of techniques clearly matches those of a well trained professional hypnotherapist.


Find out more about Derren Brown from his website by clicking here








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