Stop Sitting and Walk. Crucial for your Wellbeing

Stop Sitting, Move More to Avoid Diabetes

Lisa Nainggolan, Mar 01, 2013

Read whole article by clicking here. Extracts: Leicester, UK —” Time spent in sedentary behavior — sitting or lying down — has a stronger impact on diabetes risk than does moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) in adults, new research shows.”…”Along with messages related to accumulating at least 150 min/week of MVPA, which forms the cornerstone of diabetes-prevention programs, such interventions may be more effective if individuals are further encouraged to simply sit less and move more, regardless of the intensity level,…”


Walking Improves Outcomes for Colorectal Cancer

John L. Marshall, MD, Mar 15, 2013.

Read whole article by clicking here: Extracts: “…The second study[2] is “ready for prime time” and applicable in your clinic if you are not doing it already. In this study, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology in January, investigators identified 2300 people [with invasive, nonmetastatic colorectal cancer] and measured how much exercise they got before and after their diagnosis. This is fascinating data, showing that those people who were more physically active both before and after their diagnosis of colon cancer had much better outcomes”….” These patients needed only a minimum 8.75 MET (metabolic equivalent) hours of recreational exercise per week, or the equivalent of 150 minutes a week of physical activity — basically, walking…”

So it may be a good idea to alter our everyday rutine patterns so that we can enjoy a healthier life. Changing our patterns of behaviour can be scary. After all we define ourselves by what we do, our choices, which are informed by what we think and what we feel. However if we are convinced that a change in our pattern of behaviour can be positive for our health, this provides a strong motivation for change. Hypnotherapy offers techniques which can contribute to boost this motivation. Also with hypnotherapy we have the possibility to access our subconscious mind and explain to it why the change we pursue is a positive one for us. If we can this way alter the way we think, our emotions will change and a change of behaviour will feel easier and more comfortable than if we decided to just alter our behaviour out of a conscious decision. The idea is that we really end up believing that this change is something we want, something that will be great for us, rather than something we “must achieve, because everyone says so, or just because we must”. Finally, hypnotherapy offers the possibility of mentally rehearsing those new patterns of behaviour as well as their consequences (for example, new relationships with people which the change might imply). This way, by the time we perform those changes in real life we will be prepared and will have resources to deal with the differences in our new lifestyle.



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