Does Photographic Memory Exist?

“I developed what appears to be a photographic memory when I was 16 years old. Does this kind of memory truly exist, and, if so, how did I develop it?

Peter Gordon, Scotland

Barry Gordon, a professor of neurology and cognitive science at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (and no relation), offers an explanation”

Read this whole article, Dr. Gordon’s opinion on the subject of the existence of photographic memory published at Scientific American by clicking here.

Our imagination can take on different modalities: visual, auditive, tactile, olfactory, etc covering all sensorial possibilities. We may excel at remembering the taste of things, or the emotions that those things provoked in us. We may feel comfortable when imagining words, text, or when remembering voices. Many people tend to think that their imagination is good or bad depending on how good they find themselves at visualising things, seeing images, what could be understood at photographic memory. But there are many other variants and options when it comes to using our imagination, and they are all valid and effective in order to help us remember, recall, recreate or create new scenes in our imagination. Hypnotherapy can provide techniques which encourage the practice and exploration of our imagination, helping us become aquainted with our favourite modalities and stimulating the practice of those modalities we may not have paid much attention to. This can be beneficial for improving our memory and for molding an inner world more in accordance with the person that we want to be than the one we may be observing at present.

Image: JAMIE CARROLL iStockphoto


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