Hypnosis as a Clinical Tool

“Long derided as a tool of quacks and comedians, the science of suggestibility is enjoying a revival as a clinical tool”: Read this recent article by Vaughan Bell at The Observer, Sunday 22 July 2012.

“… neuroscience studies using the technique are now regularly published in some of the most respected scientific journals.

“…hypnosis – or rather suggestibility – is a remarkable aspect of human psychology.”

“…The key word here is “engage”, as, contrary to popular belief, hypnosis cannot be used to make people do something against their will, even though the effects seem to happen involuntarily. If this seems paradoxical, a good analogy is watching a movie: you don’t decide to react emotionally to the on-screen story, but you can choose to turn away or disengage at any time. In other words, the effects of the film, just like hypnosis, require your active participation.”

“…Due to their ability to have their mental processes temporarily altered in ways previously not thought possible, highly hypnotisable people have become key in scientific studies.” Read about recent studies undertaken by Amir Raz and colleagues at McGill University in Montreal.

“…A special issue of the respected journal Cortex will shortly be dedicated to the neuropsychology of hypnosis, additionally pointing to the growing momentum of the scientific revival.”


About Anna Pons

Certificat (CPPD), Post Graduat Certificat (PGCert) i Post Graduat Diploma (PGD) en Hipnoteràpia Clínica, London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH) i Universitat de West London (UWL)
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