The Discovery and Naming of the Neuron

Clear and concise explanation of the discovery of the neuron followed by a series of articles at Scientific American. Read about how much and how little we know about the brain…

Different Types of Neurons (click to enlarge). A. Purkinje cell B. Granule cell C. Motor neuron D. Tripolar neuron E. Pyramidal Cell F. Chandelier cell G. Spindle neuron H. Stellate cell (Credit: Ferris Jabr; based on reconstructions and drawings by Cajal)

“…in 1887, Spanish neuroanatomist Santiago Ramón y Cajal learned about Golgi’s black reaction from psychiatrist Luis Simarro Lacabra, who had managed to improve Golgi’s original technique. Cajal, who was already obsessed with studying the structures of living tissues in minute detail, immediately recognized the black reaction as the most sophisticated way to investigate the nervous system and puzzled at why so few scientists apart from Golgi himself had tried out the staining procedure. Cajal further improved the black reaction and applied the technique to all kinds of nervous tissue from different animals and from people, producing beautiful and detailed sketches of what he saw under the microscope—drawings that scientists and educators still rely on today.”

Articles extracted from the blog Tracing Knowledge


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