Obesity in children in Spain

A new extensive study recently presented in Barcelona showed that one in four Spanish children between the ages of 3 and 5 suffer from obesity or overweight. The study was performed by the Thao Foundation. More information about these news can be found in Catalan at  El Periodico in this article from May 16th 2012.

What can be done in order to protect children and society in general from excessive weight gain?

here is an interview between two American doctors, Dr. Henry Black, Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine at the New York University School of Medicine, a member of the Center for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease at that institution, and immediate past President of the American Society of Hypertension”, and el Dr. Louis Aronne 

discussing ways of cambating obesity or excessive weight.

A personalised diet, dictated by each individual’s specific needs seems to be very important. Interestingly the capacity of each patient to be able to adhere for long enough to a particular diet seems to be also crucial in her/his success. Here is where hypnotherapy can become useful. A person will feel more or less capable to adhere to a diet if her/his beliefs allowed them to. “If I don’t eat…( some meat, for example) i will not feel like I have had a proper meal and therefore wont be satisfied”…”If i do not have some sauce with this food, it will taste boring and insipid”…”boiled or steemed food makes me feel like i am ill, like there is something wrong with me and i feel resentful”…are just few examples. All these thoughts are learned through our lives, conditioned by culture, tradition and repetition. If we know that a different way of thinking will be beneficial to us, we can train our subconscious to believe it by mentally rehearsing, under a hypnotic state, the new beliefs that we are interested in. This will affect our thoughts and emotions, and we will be able to modify our behaviour much more easily. The rapid benefits of our change of behaviour will reinforce our new re structured beliefs.


Article axtracyed from  Medscape News, 18 d’Abril 2012.


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