The Arons Depth Scale: One example of hypnosis depths

Some people wonder if they are or have been really hypnotised. In many occasions, a light hypnotic trance is not only enough, but  preferable in order to work or procure changes in our inner mind. Here is an example of one of many different scales which have been created in order to quantify and qualify the different levels of trance depth.

I tend to work with either a  light, medium or deep trance, and in many occasions a light trance is productive enough. If you are entering a deep state of relaxation consciously, doing it to yourself deliberately, you are already provoking a particular state of consciousness to yourself, which is different from your normal state of alertness.


Stage 1: HYPNOIDAL – Very light stage of hypnosis in which most clients don’t feel hypnotized. The mojarity of people feel completely awake. Two types of HYPNOIDAL states are Hypnopompic and Hypnoagogic. Hypnopompic is the state by before waking up in the morning and Hypnoagogic is the state right before falling asleep at night.

A lot can be accomplished in this 1st stage: Weight reduction, smoking withdrawal and simple muscle control such as eyelid catalepsy.

Stage 2: More relaxed state where larger muscle groups can be controlled and manipulated such as Arm Catalepsy. Your power of critical reasoning starts to become impaired.

Stage 3: You get fairly complete control of your entire muscular system. Most people won’t be able to articulate a number, stuck to a chair, can’t walk and even partial analgesia.

Stage 4: In this stage you start to produce greater phenomena and is known as the beginning of the amnesic stages. Your client will actually forget items such as their name, number, address and other items. Glove Analgesia and feeling touch, but no discomfort.

Stage 5: This is considered the start of somnambulism. You get cool stuff like complete anesthesia and experience the ability to neither feel discomfort or touch. A lot of different pain control techniques can be used in this stage as well.  You can also experience what is called Positive Hallucinations which means you can see and hear things which do not actually exist. You can also experience real Age Regression in this state and not just remembering the past.

Stage 6: This is the next level of Profound Somnambulism. You can experience Negative hallucinations which means you won’t see or hear things that actually do exist.

This scale has been extracted from the blog “Whats on my Brain- where hypnosis lives”

And found in



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