The Benefits of Bilingualism: training your brain to focus on what you decide, like in a hipnotic state

“The key difference between bilinguals and monolinguals may be more basic: a heightened ability to monitor the environment. “Bilinguals have to switch languages quite often — you may talk to your father in one language and to your mother in another language,” says Albert Costa, a researcher at the University of Pompeu Fabra in Spain”.

Teaching your brain to focus on specific information and block distractions enhances its effectivity, as it is explained in this article extracted from the New York Times published on March the 17th 2012. This is what hypnosis does to your brain anf a skill to develop through hypnotherapy. I encourage you to explore your brain possibilities; hypnotherapy can tech you techniques, exercises that will help you explore your own inner world.


About Anna Pons

Certificat (CPPD), Post Graduat Certificat (PGCert) i Post Graduat Diploma (PGD) en Hipnoteràpia Clínica, London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH) i Universitat de West London (UWL)
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